Capoeira Leiden

Welcome to Batuque Capoeira

Capoeira is a Brazilian sport/game that combines acrobatics, music, dance and fight elements. Our group in Leiden puts a special focus on all these elements, especially the flow and continuity of the game.

Besides learning about Capoeira – the kicks, the defenses, putting them together into a flowing game between two people, playing the instruments and singing the songs that form a core part of Capoeira as well as learning about the culture that is behind this game you have an opportunity to become part of a group that supports each other in the process of growing in Capoeira.

The lessons are given by our teacher Professor Pigmeu. He has years of experience in Capoeira and he has been teaching in Leiden both kids and adults for the past few years now.

Batuque Capoeira Leiden belongs to the wider group Batuque Capoeira Holland founded by Mestre Valdimir Frama in 1995. You find Batuque groups in different cities all over the Netherlands.

Capoeira Leiden is open to everyone. There are classes for young kids, for advanced kids and for adults. No matter whether you have never heard of Capoeira or you are well-experienced already you will find yourself welcome and accommodated in the group and during the classes! Seja bem-vindo! Be Welcome!

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Capoeira Leiden